Our Story

In 1986, our Company begun in Colegio de San Juan de Letran our home.

An Institution, that embedded in us the value of humility, courage, honor, and loyalty and by those values, a Knight in us emerged.

Our Company

We are a digital technology company, specializing in developing cloud-based platforms to cater to a multitude of industries such as Local Government Units (LGUs), healthcare, insurance, finance management and other sectors, aimed to securely accelerate and conveniently deliver services among end-users.

Formally established in 2019 and headquartered in Manila, Philippines.

"One Ride, One Mission"


To be among the country’s pioneers and reliable partners in realizing a genuine digital transformation in entrepreneurship, healthcare and other social imperatives.


To develop highly secure digital solutions which aims to to streamline complex processes and to usher great ease in accessibility to everyone and to be proactive leaders in making the world better.


As Knights, we are consistently and conscientiously guided with Humility, Courage, Loyalty and Honor for God and country.

Enhanced with BlockChain Technology

We are accustomed to the old and outdated tradition of manually doing  transactions of which are prone to human errors and corruption.

As we desire to radically change, how transactions, operations, verification and data management are done. We enhanced Signatura with an innovative new technology. That will help realized a seamless access to online services in a safe and secure way.

Our Solutions


A cloud-based digital identity, data security and digital signature platform. It streamlines the process for seamless access to eco-system of institutions.

Digitally transforms interaction of organization and  individuals thru  our customized digital workflow. Making it significantly convenient and ensures utmost privacy and security. While remaining completely accessible.

Our Partners

Working jointly with others is a win-win action. We embrace our collaboration with reputable industry partners for this will not only help us deliver cutting-edge business solutions to our clients but will also open doors and bring us opportunities that will expand our network, driving us to do more inspiring work, fostering security and utmost convenience in everyone’s daily lives.